Fall 2017 Poetry Workshop with Emily Hunt


This workshop will consist of reading and writing assignments, group discussions, and in class critiques. It will be capped at 9 participants to allow for ample time for close readings of each draft. Optional writing prompts will be given each week for those who are interested in experimenting with them. Rather than adhering to an overarching theme, our discussions will develop in response to the distinct poems and perspectives each writer brings to the room. A few questions we will tackle together: How can poetry allow us to become unstuck, or to synthesize and magnify experience? How can our work trace and reflect back to us the evolution of our thoughts and perceptions, our histories, our ways of moving through the world? What makes certain poems propel, inspire, ground, or capture us, stay with us for years or leave us as quickly as they found us? How do our patterns of moving between environments on the page and on the ground—shifting as they can be—influence our experiences of reading and creating? As we embrace the pleasures and challenges of sharing work with friends and strangers, we will consider voice, image, pacing, diction, and form. We will look closely at the work of writers such as June Jordan, Renee Gladman, Chika Sagawa, Etel Adnan, Ari Banias, and Sara Nicholson, to name a few. We will begin with passages from Muriel Rukeyser’s The Life of Poetry, and her words will carry us through our five weeks together: “Communication comes, to make this place fertile, to make it possible to meet the world with all the resources we have, the fund of faith, the generous instruments of imagination and knowledge. Poetry may be seen as one sum of such equipment, as an image of the kind of fullness that can best meet the evening . . .”



Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop

141 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201



2 sessions will run concurrently for 5 weeks; when applying, please indicate which session you prefer:

Session 1: Sundays 11:30am-1:30pm, Oct 8–Nov 5

Session 2: Mondays 7-9pm, Oct 9–Nov 6



To ask questions or apply, email emilyrhunt@gmail.com, indicate whether you prefer the Sunday or Monday session, and include 5 pages of your work or links to your work online. Artists, prose writers, or others who are interested in experimenting with poetry for the first time are very welcome. The cost to participate is $200, and classes will be held at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop. Proceeds go toward the instructor, the space, and materials.