Poetry chapbook

The Song Cave, 2019


"The work of Emily Hunt, with its sonic brilliance grounded by its precise sense of affect, offers a gorgeous reminder that poetry is most itself when it conveys what no other medium could. The gestalt of each poem leaves me astounded. At the level of the line, her poems instigate this uncanny, unpredictable rhythm. Open to the surprise of the observable image, her work reconfigures the way in which I read the given world." —Henk Rossouw, Tupelo Quarterly

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Full-length poetry book

The Song Cave, 2015

“Wheeling, and fierce; a voice continuously evolving, speaking directly from her own haunted yet intimate, 2000-now. Dark Green is a wonder and a gift.” –Peter Gizzi

“Reading Emily Hunt’s Dark Green one feels things one couldn’t have before imagined possible.” –Kevin Killian

“Emily Hunt’s precision and bold intelligence discover what ought to be discovered on a daily basis . . . From Dark Green we get a hint at how to register the almost invisible nuances that fuel our spirits, minds, and hearts.” –Dara Wier

"This relationship between reality and surreality, between inner and outer worlds, is also the proving ground where the poet must find a way to live in the one world she's been given; in Hunt's work that struggle is beautiful, funny, painterly, and terrifying." –Publishers Weekly

"The complexity of these poems' precision, itself a simple machine, is what's spectacular about them." —American Microreviews

"vibrant and arresting . . . with the guileful objectivity of Lydia Davis and the empirical radiance of Basho . . ." —Diagram

"Hunt’s poems don’t shy away from the kind of cosmic attention I’m concerned with even as they find, somehow, like a piece of hay in a haystack, the beating heart of the self in all of space and time." —Weird Sister

"Hunt is a technician of the line and of white space . . . The poems in Dark Green reproduce what it means to exist in Dickinson's 'condensed presence'." —Colorado Review


The Song Cave

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Cold Cube Press, 2019


40 pages
4 color risograph

Cousins is a collection of photo-couplets by New York based poet Emily Hunt. Each spread contains two photos in conversation with each other—brief glimpses from walks and commutes in New York, San Francisco, Oakland, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Providence. Printed in two different palettes, this book exists in the liminal space between poetry chapbook and photo essay.

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Brave Men Press, 2013

A book of drawings and captions.

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